Top 15 Tips for Improving Sales Performance

The best way to improve sales performance for your business depends on the business. But in general, there are some things that you can do to improve sales performance in any type of business – whether you do it almost all alone or you have salespeople or affiliates working with you.

1. Understand Your Mission – You should be able to tell anyone who asks what your point of existence is. What are you trying to accomplish? What is your mission? Writing a mission statement may help you accomplish this. Pin it up on the wall so you can look at it any time you need to speak to someone about your business. 

2. Develop and Clarify Goals – Once you know your mission, you should break down the goals that you want to accomplish. Keep them clear and to the point. Remember that goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. 

3. Set Up Processes and Systems – Even a solo business person will benefit from having processes and systems set up. If you’re not technologically in the know about what will work best for your business, find someone who has done what you want to do and ask them to help you. Pay someone for the knowledge; you’ll succeed faster. 

4. Sell to Your Customers What They Already Want – It’s so much easier to sell someone something if you’re attracting the right audience and creating products that you know the audience wants. When they say that they want XYZ, you say, “Here you go.” It’s that easy. 

5. Keep Your Products Top of Mind – Once you have contacted anyone, they should end up on your list. Make sure that they do, so that your products can stay top of mind. This also can work by using paid ads on social media platforms and posting on social media platforms. 

6. Ask for the Close – When you are talking about your products, you should always ask for the sale. If you don’t ask for the sale, you won’t make any. Ask for the sale in Facebook Live, YouTube posts, blog posts, sales pages, and yes, in person too. 

7. Listen to Your Audience – Find ways to listen in on your audience so that you know what they want and need. A great way to do that is to join groups of which they’re a part so that you can study what they say, ask questions, and be a resource. 

8. Improve Your Weaknesses – When you realize you have a weakness in a particular area, either learn how to do it or hire someone to do it for you. You can always fill in any weakness by outsourcing, and often that is the best way to go about it. 

9. Be Committed – When you have a great product, it’s simple to be committed. By committed to your product, your joint venture partners, your audience, and yourself by being proud of what you’ve created. 

10. Show Enthusiasm – People love passion and enthusiasm. Show that for your products and services. Show excitement. Show them how much you love it. Tell them how proud you are to offer it. 

11. Be Persistent – Don’t give up on the first try. You’ll need to contact your prospects more than once to get a yes. You may have to reach out to them 100 times in various ways, both online and offline. Do what it takes until you get an emphatic no and they unsubscribe from your lists. After all, if they really don’t care about what you’re offering, do they really need to be on your list anyway?

12. Use Your Resources – Resources include you, money, people, and technology. Maximize your time by using everything you have at your disposal to make it work easier. Email autoresponders, virtual assistants, and advertising can all go far in helping you make more sales. 

13. Provide Training – Whether it’s a contract worker, an affiliate, or an employee, training always makes a big difference. People tend to stick to jobs longer if they know what they’re doing and feel good about it. For example, it may take a lot of time to set up training for a new virtual assistant to do a task for you, but over time that training is going to pay off.

14. Use the Right Data – Know your goals and what data you need to study to find out if your efforts are working. Ignore data that isn’t relevant to your goals so that you can focus on what you’re doing right now, which is trying to improve sales performance. What key indicators will help you with that?

15. Create Products That Do What They Say – Outside of getting the word out about your products, knowing your products, knowing your audience and how to talk to them, creating products that deliver on promises is very important to help improve sales performance. If a salesperson knows that the product is fabulous, they’ll be much more enthusiastic selling it.

Improving sales performance is vital to any business – even a successful one. There are many areas that can always be improved. Start with one thing at a time and build on it as you become more successful.