‘Lead to Regenerate’ interactive session

Learn about Regenerative Leadership, ask questions. Interact with the author of Lead to Regenerate.

Saturday Oct 26, 2013 from 1000 to 1100 AM IST (Web based.)

Enrol http://www.wiziq.com/course/35870-lead-to-regenerate

It is free!

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FAQ: Will learning regenerative leadership help in my career?

Good question!

By thinking about your work related challenges through the Regenerative Leadership workouts you will think much better than before. Therefore, you can get better results through less efforts and less frustration. You can achieve the above both at the individual level (initially) and at the team level (later).

Everyone including your boss will notice the above soon (in some months). Therefore, you will surely make a faster progress in your career*. All you need is to back yourself by investing your time in doing workouts and investing an affordable amount in the program costs.

You don’t have to wait for your company’s sponsorship!

* Read this for more about skills you need for career advancement  http://www.learning-leadership.com/career-planning.html

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FAQ: Why is it called Regenerative Leadership?

Our leadership model is called ‘Regenerative Leadership’ because it helps you to regenerate through your leadership actions.

You learn to do this by using what you have – your time, thinking, feelings, ideas, values, people (their skills and values) , and actions -to regenerate. Unlike material things, mind’s activities mentioned above don’t diminish by ‘using them’ or ‘sharing them’ -they in fact increase! You can easily see this.

Our Regenerative Leadership model and techniques incorporated on our web site and in the Lead to Regenerate book are based on the above principle.

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Lead to Regenerate FAQ: Can anyone learn leadership?

A: Anyone can leadership as  long as one has a strong desire to make a difference to one’s own life and that of others.

For leading you need a good idea of what you are trying to do or achieve, you need a good idea about reality, you need right knowledge and skills, and you need strong beliefs and values. Anyone can get better at these with practice. Right practice programs and guidance can improve the rate of learning.

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Announcing a Marathi Edition of Lead to Regenerate!

Announcing: A Marathi Version of the Lead to Regenerate program book is in the works!

The aim of the Marathi edition is to make global quality leadership education easily accessible to Marathi business leaders, entrepreneurs, and their executives.

Initially this book will be made available for reviews and comments to industry and management experts.

Watch this space for further information.



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Lead to Regenerate Workshop: feedback

Recently, a workshop on the Lead to Regenerate program was organized by an Engineering and Management Institute for its academic and administrative leaders.

Here is a feedback about the workshop:

“Thank  you so much for your inspiring session for  the team . You captivated our minds and thought process through some critical questions you raised. I hope we can count on you for a regular booster dose in critical process and project handling. We all have regenerated in some way or the other. Hope we have you with us again and again and keep the journey of regeneration on.”

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Why talented young people quit?

Quoting from the article :

Learning new skills is what people want and expect from work these days, and employers who would like to hire and retain the best talent would be wise to create an environment in which learning is fostered.


Exactly. All this talk of employee engagement is like beating around a lot of bush. People of the type which you wish to retain care a lot about what they are learning, what  they can reuse in their future career(s).

People who join the workforce in this age have to be ready for more than just a couple of careers. The best of the lot know this, even the second best know this implicitly.

If you keep on just throwing just money and parties and junkets and cafeteria at them, the best, the talented ones will go. You will keep the rest.

To keep the good ones and let go of the others pay attention to the quality of work. Let the good ones handle your projects better and improve your work processes. 

Consider these: Learning Leadership at http://buff.ly/P2mKIj and the Lead to Regenerate program book http://buff.ly/P1TzFE

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lead-to-regenerate-tip: how will you innovate?

Once you taste some success with the Regenerative Leadership methods, your will ask for more. This is good time for innovation. While there many well known techniques of thinking for innovation here is a simple technique that you can straightaway apply.

Just ask these questions (to yourself first). What else? (again and again), why? and why not? (again and again), how? (again and again). The questions can be about customer needs, about quality, about markets, or about your people.

Give it a try.


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lead-to-regenerate-tips: know what is real work

Real work is organized effort which creates or adds value for the customer or organization. Learn to distinguish what is real work and what is not. Typically, business or technical processes create or add value for the customer. Projects for developing new products or establishing new processes or improving existing processes also indirectly add value. Practically, everything else is a waste.

Learn to distinguish the above from the rest of activities that you might be engaged in. Learn to focus on your processes and projects. This will avoid wastage of your time and other resources.

More in our programs Learning Leadership http://www.learning-leadership.com and the Lead to Regenerate workbook http://www.learning-leadership.com/blog/lead-to-regenerate/

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Lead to Regenerate tip: Do right, Do it Right

That’s right.  Do right thing (s) and Do it (them) the Right Way. Some people are all about ideas. Ask them to actually do something and they will avoid action. Some other people would simply want get on with doing something (anything). Ask them to sit down and think, they will find it boring or they will consider it to be waste of time.

Doing right things and doing them well are both important for leading well. Doing right things means deciding what are important (vision, goals, objectives) and what all actions are needed to achieve them. Doing them well means taking those actions diligently and in time.

The above needs a good deal of high quality thinking and commitment to take actions.

Our Learning Leadership (web based coaching programs) at http://buff.ly/P2mKIj and the Lead to Regenerate program book http://buff.ly/P1TzFE help you in the above.

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