Ignoring the truth, making excuses and not keeping commitments also disqualifies from being a leader. Now, we can read your mind asking me, “Then, what qualifies a person to be a leader?” Qualities, a leader must have are selflessness, vision, accessibility, accountability, and commitment.

An Exemplary Leader always takes selfless decisions for the betterment of the team and the organization. His/her vision should about the team and the organization.

A leader must be easily accessible so that the team members should be comfortable to speak and can keep in touch. Leaders take accountability and are willing to answer and explain every outcome, decision, or action, they were involved in.

Unlike management, leadership cannot be taught, so, developing effective leadership skills is our coaching. Generally, a leader is not defined by the followers but obviously by series of actions and skills.

A person should have a proper vision along with the effective leadership skills. One should be well courageous to direct the overall activities of the followers and taking the entire responsibility. A good leader should have the following characteristics. Initially, an excellent leader should clearly know how to communicate the visions, goals, targets including the aims.

Projects Leading

Then comes the subordinates, who should know the exact reason for all the actions involved with the direction of their respective projects leading to.

Immediate Boss

An immediate boss will define all the protocols and also obey it accordingly. At the same, the leader is responsible for all the necessary actions including the redirection of the subordinates.

Good Leaders

On the other side of the flip, good leaders should have proper listening skills and he should be an open-minded person, implement the suggestions made by the subordinates respectively.


Here there are several tips provided in order to become a successful leader. First, confidence is the major character where each and every leader should have.

In a smooth flowing relationship, there should be both trust and confidence between the concerned person and the subordinates. If there is 100 percent trust then it means the person is a great leader. Officially, the professionalism is the first priority and at the same time communication is the most important one. An efficient leader communicates with the followers in an efficient manner. Probably a leader sacrifices many things for the betterment of the country.

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Hence he sees himself as a good member of the society. The person who is not selfish and self-centered one can make a perfect leader. Decision making should be the absolute one and hence there should not be any obstacles in it. Most of the folks have better ideas in order to implement a plan. The real fact is that each and everyone’s life is making decisions only. If a person makes, then there is nothing to worry about it, because these mistakes take the people to next stage of life and make them an effective leader.


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